Our Mission

Spire 2017 Mission Statement

Spire believes that outstanding results — at a community, country or regional or worldwide level — start with exceptional individuals and teams. We help companies increase business efficiency and quality, and improve the outcomes for their customers through stronger employee mindsets, communication, productivity and leadership.


What We Do

Spire Education builds learning programs that enable employees to cultivate the skills and attitudes they need to be successful on the job. We blend in-person training with work-based practice and coaching to ensure new ideas translate into new work habits...

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Training Series

Training Series

The Training Series is a world class learning program developed by Spire in conjunction with our client partners that enable members of staff to receive training that will make them successful in their jobs.

Short Courses

Short Courses

The Short Courses product is a lite version of the Internal University learning program. These are classes which provide access to our world class training while giving your staff members an opportunity to network...



Our workshops focus on providing breadth, depth and training application of a suite of core offerings which are facilitated by seasoned executive coaches with years of practical know-how and understanding of the market.

Our History

Spire’s history in helping individuals get the skills they need to be successful in the workforce traces back to our founders’ roots in Rwanda. Working in health and education locally, they found that there was limited access to higher education and started a scholarship fund called Generation Rwanda to help more young people gain access to university. However, after many graduates still struggled to find work, they realized that a different approach was needed and formed Kepler, an affordable university that combines high quality online content with place-based learning and coaching on relevant job skills.
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