SevenSeas Technology is a pan-African ICT solutions company that offers unparalleled solutions across a cross-section of industry, including Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Telecoms and the Government sectors. Their aim is to transform lives and change communities.

sevenseas technology


SevenSeas was awarded Tech Partner for a General Electric Healthcare project with the Kenyan Government thanks to their excellence and solid trajectory. This translated in massive hiring of new staff and the challenge of incorporating them without suffering a cultural drift.sevenseas

In addition, as SevenSeas has multiple teams in different countries, interpersonal skills are a key asset if they want to be successful and maintain their dynamic structure.


We created the Diamond Institute to guard and reinforce SevenSeas’ Diamond culture. The Institute includes:

  • Diamond Academy, which provides a baseline of professional experiences.
  • Diamond Bootcamp, an abbreviated version of the Academy.
  • Diamond MBA, focused on management levels.

sevenseas technology

We target employees across the organization to make sure that each training reinforces skills and helps take team communication and performance to the next level.


  • We successfully trained 43 staff members in 2 weeks and aim to reach 120 by September 2015

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