The Short Courses product is a lite version of the training series program. These are classes which provide access to our world class training while giving your staff members an opportunity to  network with potential partners from other organizations.


Our Learning Models

Interactive in-person training

Interactive in-person training

Guided practice plans

Guided practice plans

Short Courses Curriculum And Delivery


This program covers the needs commonly cited by employers which include: mindsets, communication, productivity and leadership. It is delivered over the course of 2-3 days. The curriculum covers training for all levels of staff.


We believe that true behavior change comes from hands-on application and practice. To that end, Spire leads interactive, practice-based in-person training sessions that help employees experience the application of new skills and attitudes while they are still in the classroom. We then use tech-enabled interactions to provide ongoing coaching to employees so they can take what they’ve learned and apply it on the job.

Post Training Support

Spire provides ongoing support to trainees and their managers post-training to ensure that the training translates into on the job practice. This support comes in the form of Guided practice plans  and through provision of online support resources.

Impact Of Our Training

To determine the impact of training on employee performance, Spire measures impact on trainee and manager level. We use feedback from trainees and their managers to evaluate the relevance, understanding and application of concepts to trainee’s work. In addition to measuring learning and performance impact, we work with companies to define the business metrics that matter most to them and track how training is tied to improvement.

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