Spire’s history in helping individuals get the skills they need to be successful in the workforce traces back to our founders’ roots in Rwanda. Working in health and education locally, they found that there was limited access to higher education and started a scholarship fund called Generation Rwanda to help more young people gain access to university. However, after many graduates still struggled to find work, they realized that a different approach was needed and formed Kepler, an affordable university that combines high quality online content with place-based learning and coaching on relevant job skills.
To expand their efforts of building learning programs to teach the skills and attitudes need to help professionals gain employment and succeed in their careers, the founders came to Kenya. After speaking with hundreds of employers and graduates to better understand the local context, they launched the Career Accelerator — a 6-week bootcamp program designed to provide recent graduates with job readiness training on attitudes for success, communication skills, productivity skills and leadership. The program also provided students with guidance on how to find a job and networks of employers for them to engage with as a part of their job search process.
Outcomes from this program were excellent: over 95% of students found paid employment within 6 months (a stark difference for these students, many of whom had been unemployed for 1-2 year post-graduation) and employers were overwhelmingly positive about the job readiness of these new employees.
Employers were so impressed, in fact, that they began asking Spire to train their existing teams and the junior and manager level. Spire transformed these learning programs — focused still on mindsets/attitudes, communication, productivity, and leadership — to be integrated into the daily working experience and build skills on the job. This product, called the Internal University, became the core focus for Spire in April 2015, with the Career Accelerator being suspended as that core product grows.
Spire is always looking to grow in response to the needs of employers. We continuously conduct interviews with our clients, prospective partners and other thought leaders to ensure that the products we build are timely and relevant to the needs of those we serve. If you have additional needs, kindly contact us to discuss more.


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